Friday, April 18, 2014

No everyone liked Jesus...

I am in a situation where I have some people that aren’t very fond of me right now.  The more that I try to impress them, the more they seem to dislike me.  I have turned them off to my personality in some way, shape, or form and I have really been struggling with that.  I know that not everyone likes Christians, however, the reason for their dislike does not seem to have anything to do with the fact I am a Christian. 
Last night my children had a “sleep over” with each other.  At 3:00am, said sleep over was finished however, both children still wanted to sleep with someone, so for the sake of sanity and sleep, my husband and I divided and conquered.  Around 4am, as I lie there in my daughter’s bed listening to WBGL, the local Christian station, it occurred to me, Jesus WAS, and still is, perfect and guess what, not everyone liked Him. 
Some welcomed Jesus, and then one person said something and the crowd turned against Him.  Jesus was perfect, yet He was crucified…  Not to say that I am perfect, or could ever be anything close to perfect, however, I see the people jealous of Jesus, I see their own insecurities coming out thinking, “that can’t be the Christ, He is supposed to be a King”. 
Think about it – if you are in a situation where people may not like you- not everyone liked Jesus.  He did what was right; He was perfect, and not everyone like him.  Now the reason that the other people don’t like me has to do with something that I did unintentionally, however, it gives me hope that it is okay to have not everyone like you all the time.  It gives me hope that the people that do like me are the people that I want to be around.  I think that we should continue to strive to be like Jesus, however, if people do not like us in that quest, that is more on them than it is on me. 
Read the Easter story today – read it from John 12-20 – what an awesome story!!!!

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