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lessons from my pool... pt 3

Back to the pool I go.This will probably be my last although there is so much more I have learned from it, I guess I do not want to beat a dead horse.What do you think of when you think of a pool?Most people think of a refreshing, relaxing experience.Maybe you think of the chlorine smell and the cool water over your body or maybe floating on a float and relaxing in the sun.Usually though it is some sort of refreshment.Even swimmers that compete feel refreshed after getting out of a pool to do their workout.
What did I think of when seeing my pool?I thought, I am going to have to scrub down after going in there.The whole time I am in there, I am going to have to be cleaning out bugs.Granted, this is a little pool and the filter isn’t working very well, but those are my thoughts when I think of our little 10 foot round pool.
For a while, I was struggling with my devotions.I didn’t want to do them because I knew that my life was needing maintenance and I didn’t feel like going through the …

Lessons from my pool... pt 2

This summer I was privileged enough to get to go spend 10 days with my fantastic family in another state.That story is a crazy one in itself where my dog had puppies and I was bringing home 4 extra kids and my husband was out of the country and not with us…but that story is for another time possibly.The beauty of getting to spend time away from reality and real life is awesome.The amount of time that I chose to do it though was too long.I had left my schedule, and more importantly, my kids’ schedule for 10 days and then had visitors for another week, it took us a month to finally get back to normalcy, again though, another time.
We left our life here for 10 days.Ten days our pool sat unattended.It was hot.I don’t know if you are aware of the record-breaking summer that we have had.There has been ridiculous heat, no rain and straight sunlight for the majority of the summer.It has been HOT – perfect pool weather, right?Well leaving a pool stagnant for 10 straight days means you come home…

Lessons from my pool... pt 1

I may need to write a book, well another one.This one would be informational and entitled something like Everything I need to know about being a Christian, I learned from taking care of a Pool.This summer has been crazy.Our pool from last year didn’t make it, so we purchased a second one.It was over 100 degrees a lot of the time and a pool was just a must.We bought another one of those small inflatable top pools that is about 10 foot around and has a little filter. We splurged the whole $95 on it… I know, we are big spenders!Unfortunately, we were hardly in it due to maintenance issues, my husband ended up being the only one to use it a lot and that was with the kiddos at night, after work usually.
Oh the wealth of information you can get from the littlest things in life.I am going to start with the first thing that I learned and work down my list.In a way, like a mini series or mini book…Here we go, lesson #1, Get a new cover that actually fits your pool and is made for it – don’t jus…

Lucky, lucky

I went off blogging for a while as I settled into a new church, a new role and a new period of my life, but I realized how much I miss writing, how doing this keeps me accountable to doing my Bible reading and how I connect with people by my blog.So I am back after a short hiatus, and if you are reading this, I want to thank you for your support.
Someone asked me the other day, “how are you so lucky?”I just smiled, I am lucky- but the thing that makes me lucky isn’t the fact that I have the most amazing husband of 9 years, 2 girls, stay at home, have great parents, fun sisters, good in-laws, a great church, good fiends.That is only what they see on the outside.I am “lucky” as they put it because Jesus loved me enough to die on the cross for my sins and I know it.So my attitude daily isn’t about what I don’t have, it is about what I have in life.
I could sit here and have a bad attitude about how I don’t have a basement, cable, new cars, how the storm the other night ripped off shingles…